Learn ALL the important skating skills you require while still having fun!


Learn to Skate & Blade Class

Saturdays 9am-10am $17 Entry plus Hire ($6.50)

As part of the admission fee, skaters will be invited to to skate the Saturday morning session FREE OF CHARGE from 10am – 12 noon.

  • 1 hour class with accredited coaches & instructors.
  • Includes bonus session 10AM-12 NOON.
  • Follows the Rollerdrome Star Class Program which includes regular testing of skaters and feedback.
  • Skaters move through class levels at their own pace.
  • Open to skaters of all ages & abilities with a separate Adults Only Class with Adult Instructors

All artistic skating enquiries are handled by our Artistic Skating Club, please contact them via the button below. 

The Saturday morning Rollerdrome Star Class Program has three levels, commencing at the very basic level and gradually moving through to more technical skills of both quad and inline skating. All levels are suitable for people of all ages and fitness on blades or traditional quad skates. Included in the star levels, are two additional specialised groups – one for the first time/beginner skaters, and one just for adults.

Skaters and parents can ask for feedback from their instructor at any time. However, on the final Saturday of each month, your Instructor will give feedback to the skater/parent. This will be conducted during class time. Skaters that are competent on their required star elements will receive a Star Patch and be moved into the next level.

Once skaters have completed the star program, they can then move into the Artistic Development (figure skating) Program Introductory Class which is held on Saturdays between 12 noon – 1pm. Another option is for skaters to join our Inline hockey club. Please ask your session manager for more information or see posters at the rink.

INSTRUCTORS Your Star Class Co-ordinator and Lead instructor, Bianca Burrows, is a fully qualified World Skate accredited coach. Bianca and her team of instructors will ensure you learn important skating skills and techniques, whilst still having fun. We are here to help you to learn and enjoy your rollerskating/blading experience.

If you have any questions or require further information at any time, please do not hesitate to see one of the instructors. Bianca is available during and after the Star Classes on a Saturday Morning.

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